The Museum and Botanical Garden of Villa Carlotta together with the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale" have defined a collaborative project aimed at drawing up a preventive conservation plan for the Museum and Park of the Villa near Como.

The project starts from the need to rationalize and enhance existing risk studies and analyzes, updating them according to a structured and interdisciplinary protocol which plans to consider and cross-check between them:

  • Analysis of the environment and environmental, hydrogeological and seismic risks for the park and villa located on the western shore of Lake of Como
  • Methods of analyzing the risks and the state of conservation of the buildings in the park and the architectural structure of the villa
  • Methods of risk analysis and state of conservation of the art collections, furnishings and decorated surfaces present inside the museum

The methods of analysis will apply to different pilot cases that will allow to trace methodological lines, conservation priorities and preventive and maintenance activities to be scaled over the years to plan and improve the management of resources with a view to a sustainable transmission to the future of the cultural heritage.

One of the focus of the project will be a building site on the important frieze of Bertel Thorvaldsen depicting the Entrance of Alexander the Great to Babylon (1818-1828), a masterpiece of European sculpture of the nineteenth century, whose first stucco version had been made for the Quirinale Palace in Rome.



From january 2020 to decembre 2021


Museo e Giardino Botanico di Villa Carlotta

Project funded by the Cariplo Foundation as part of the "Safe cultural heritage" program


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