Sustainability: Our Past and Our Future

Free webinar promoted by Sic - Sustainability in Conservation

Reserved for all participants of the Young Professionals Forum

Thursday 25 June 2020 3:00 – 4:30 PM Rome

Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) is an international organization which promotes environmental responsibility in conservation of cultural heritage and related fields.
The group was founded in 2016 to highlight the duality of conserving the planet along with the art and heritage it contains. SiC facilitates a united effort to encourage sustainable conduct in conservation by building awareness and providing reliable resources and programs as well as communication platforms to stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. 
From last January, the new branch SiC Italia was established to create a renewed climate with emphasis on sustainability within the field of cultural heritage conservation in Italy. We encourage related activities, offer advice and education, support for managing projects (i.e. the introduction of our Ambassador Program into Italian training programs) and develop innovative research projects and collaborations.

"We are thrilled to be part of the first edition of Young Professionals Forum. Emerging professionals and students are the key to incorporating new practices and transitioning our profession into a sustainable one and it is our pleasure to present the webinar “Sustainability: Our Past and Our Future” this year. 

The webinar will give a brief overview of what sustainability is in the context of conservation and cultural heritage, as well as an overview of current practices and research and how we can collective achieve these goals. Additionally, we will discuss sustainability in the context of our current situation with COVID-19 and the global pandemic. Over the course of the past months, this standstill has become an invitation to reimagine our lives and our futures. We have had time to slow down and reassess the way we behave and ask how we can move into the future in a more sustainable way. 

We hope you will join us in talking and sharing experiences about conservation of our cultural heritage and the issues that we face today and how we can work together to bring into focus what needs to be done to secure our future on this planet." Caitlin Southwick, Founder and executive director of Ki Culture and SiC.


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