Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) is an international organization, a branch of Ki Culture, which promotes environmental responsibility in conservation of cultural heritage and related fields.
The group was founded in 2016 to highlight the duality of conserving the planet along with the art and heritage it contains. SiC facilitates a united effort to encourage sustainable conduct in conservation by building awareness and providing reliable resources and programs as well as communication platforms to stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. 
From January 2020, the new branch SiC Italia was established to create a renewed climate with emphasis on sustainability within the field of cultural heritage conservation in Italy. We encourage related activities, offer advice and education, support for managing projects (i.e. the introduction of our Ambassador Program into Italian training programs) and develop innovative research projects and collaborations.

This year Sic and Ki Culture are actively participating in the Young Professionals Forum by giving away the Ki Award.

Social and environmental crises demand an urgent and united response from the cultural sector - including conservation and restoration fields. The Ki Award 2021 will recognize the project which demonstrates the most innovative connection to sustainable practice. This could include social or environmental sustainability, from creative use of waste and materials to green treatment options or ways to engage with more diverse audiences. The project should aspire to raise awareness/engagement and help separate green washing from the green thinking in order to support progress towards an equal and sustainable future. 

The Ki Award will be judged by members of Ki Culture and SiC, representing a cross-section of international cultural professionals deeply involved in sustainability. It consists in a free admission to the next edition of the program promoted by Ki Culture, the Ki Trainings (starting on September), designed around the themes of the Ki Books ( to go more in depth into the topics discussed and to give participants concrete action to get started.


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