The Young Professionals Forum will be held on 1-2 July 2021 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm (Rome time zone).
The event is divided into 4 thematic sessions, each of them  considered crucial in the debate concerning conservation and transmission of Cultural Heritage. The different sessions, organized in cooperation with international institutions, will include brief presentations which will be selected through the call for abstracts.
In addition to the presentation of contributions, the two days of the Forum will focus on moments of exchange, debate and round tables with professionals from the international cultural scene useful to encourage the sharing of experiences among professionals present. The core activity of this edition will be the Young Professionals Forum LabCultural Heritage Professions toward the future. Scenarios, futures, opportunities for conservation professions after the pandemic. Questions and perspectives from the professionals of tomorrow”.


The impact of the current pandemic and its effects on the social, economic and cultural sphere are debated on a global scale: the survival of the cultural heritage and the vital link between conservation and fruition, cultural heritage and communities, are measured today in new contexts.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift that will affect our future and the future of our professions. For these reasons, the second edition of the Young Professionals Forum aims to offer its participants a section dedicated to "Cultural Heritage Professions towards the future", a moment to capture this transition, understanding the difficulties involved in overcoming it and the opportunities for redefining practices and methodologies.

The focus on future generations is at the core of the G20 Culture, which will be held in Rome on the 29th and 30th July 2021. On the occasion of this event, the Forum wants to contribute with a reflection on the same themes.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the system of protection, management and enhancement of cultural heritage has been put to the test and some of its intrinsic fragility has been amplified. At the same time, in this emergency, we can recalibrate priorities, introduce new tools and organizational methods, develop more effective strategies, and consciously plan the next targets.

The workshop of the Forum aims to encourage participation in this extraordinary moment of elaboration by young professionals of cultural heritage.

  • Which elements are inexorably changing and what is the impact of this change on the future of our actions, goals and work?
  • How can we guarantee the protection of cultural testimonies in contexts of crisis (historical, political, environmental, cultural crisis)?
  • What impact will technologies, the digital universe and artificial intelligence have on the preservation, use and transmission systems of cultural heritage?
  • And what professional skills will be needed for the fullest expression of these new scenarios?
  • The criterion of sustainability remains crucial in all its different forms, from the economic ones, aimed at identifying the most appropriate management models, to the guidelines of scientific research: how can we urge initiatives and solutions that are compatible with the well-being of people, the integrity of the environment and the social balance?

Many of these issues are already part of the agenda of the G20 Culture, focused on People, Planet and Prosperity, and which has also identified among its priorities a reflection on the interaction between culture, training and education. The digital acceleration and the reduction of distances, both physical and cultural, have become part of this last year of our closest horizon.

  • From the point of view of the exercise of our professions do we think we have the necessary tools or do we think we need to strengthen our skills and knowledge?
  • What is the relationship between specialist and transversal skills, and how do we consider it useful to encourage continuous updating?
  • What importance do we attach to international experience in terms of professional mobility, co-design opportunities and training opportunities for the exchange of skills?


The Young Professionals Forum Lab "Cultural Heritage Professions toward the future" provides parallel work tables, for reflection on the proposed topics, coordinated by the mentors and institutions involved.

  • CCR
  • Fondazione Santagata 
  • ICOM

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