In 2018 the Centro was invited to become part of ARkhA, a research project promoted by the Museo Egizio of Turin, which already involved the Universities of Tor Vergata and Milan Bicocca, the Catania CNR-IBAM, the Messina CNR-IPCF, the Fermi Centre in Rome, and the Soprintendenza Archeologica Belle Arti e Paesaggio in Turin.

The project aims to conduct an archaeometric investigation of the burial equipment of the tomb of Kha and Merit, the only one of its kind among the discoveries made in the Theban Necropolis. All of the artefacts found in the tomb (mummies, coffins, working tools and more) are now exhibited at the Museo Egizio, in the exact same arrangement as discovered by Schiaparelli during the excavations of 1906. The ARkhA research group is part of a broader international project for the study and full exhibition of the burial equipment scheduled for the Museo Egizio bicentenary in 2024. At the current stage, the Centro provides heritage science expertise to the project with a view to applying a consolidated analysis protocol capable of providing initial indications about the constituent materials of the artefacts and their state of conservation, though non-invasive imaging and mapping techniques



Museo Egizio di Torino

Università di Tor Vergata e Milano Bicocca

CNR-IBAM di Catania

CNR-IPCF di Messina

Centro Fermi di Roma

Soprintendenza Archeologica Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Torino


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