The research project is split into two themes: the anthropic degradation of graphic vandalism and the colonization of weaving spiders.

In the sub-theme graphic vandalism, the research project is the beginning of a larger study on cleaning effects on valuable stone materials investigation. The Centro Conservazione e Restauro has evaluated and compared different methods of removing graffiti from valuable stone materials, focusing on respect the integrity of the surfaces. Various methods are commonly used for cleaning but, as can be seen from a simple reconnaissance of the streets of the city of Turin, the results are not always positive and respectful of stone surfaces. Thanks to the laboratory test, working on mock-ups prepared ad hoc, it was possible to understand the interactions between the cleaning method and the substrate and between the protective coatings and the substrate.

For the sub-theme concerning the colonization of weaving spiders in the sub-arcades of Turin, because of the lacking documentation, the project was aimed at a preliminary and fundamental in-depth knowledge of the issue: the identification of the species present (Brigittea civica) and their habits. Statistical modeling has identified the main ecological factors that affect the proliferation of the webs of Brigittea civica in the Turin sub-arcades, allowing preliminary indications on the possible methods to be defined for reducing their presence.



To december 2018


Project leader



Università degli Studi di Torino


Comune di Torino e Fondazione Contrada Torino


Compagnia di San Paolo

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