This 18-month project, currently in progress, aims to design a robotic system capable of multi-spectral analysis and surveying surfaces otherwise inaccessible due to position or dimensions. 

The project proposes to apply multi-spectral imaging, photographic and photogrammetric documentation techniques to large-scale works of art, such as frescoed vaults, fresco cycles, coffered ceilings, large paintings, large-scale architectural elements, altar pieces and tapestries, to verify the state of conservation of the works and fully document them for public use.

Most of the diagnostic operations on these types of work are long and costly, are conducted in difficult conditions and require heavy and invasive infrastructures (scaffolding).

The robotic system developed during the project will simultaneously acquire multi-spectral diagnostics data (VISIBLE and INFRARED) on the surveyed surfaces, in high definition, and the relative spatial and geometric parameters through a wireless location system. All of the images will be gathered, classified and processed using mosaic and photogrammetric procedures, and rendered usable by an innovative, interoperative display system, available to all restorers, conservers, art historians and the wider public, thereby making a heritage available to the community that was previously inaccessible.




Santer Reply (Grande Impresa)
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (Organismo di Ricerca)
Fondazione Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale" (Organismo di Ricerca)
Dynamic Fun (PMI)



Finanziamento nell'ambito POR-FER 2007/2013 Innovazione e PMI-Polo ICT.


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