The Centro has its own library specialised in the history of art and restoration techniques, archaeology, design, diagnostics, art criticism and museology, with particular focus on the local artistic context. Established to support the study and research of the Centro’s restorers, teaching staff and Degree Course students, it is open to all users and researchers. The library contains almost 35,000 books and periodicals catalogued in the SBN (National Library Service) and is also available via OPAC (On line Public Access) and Librinlinea.

Over recent years, the Centre has received significant donations of books from libraries belonging to the restorer Pinin Brambilla Barcilon, Rosanna Maggio Serra, former director of the GAM, Turin, Luisa Vertova, art historian and friend of Bernard Berenson, and Antonietta Gallone Galassi, physicist at the Polytechnic of Milan and pioneer of diagnostics applied to painting.


Via XX Settembre 18 - 10078 - Venaria, TO


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Communication and Documentation Area
Head: Stefania De Blasi
Librarian: Antonella Mastropietro