Lorenzo Appolonia, graduate in chemistry at the University of Turin.
Lecturer in science subjects in mathematics and science, at the Superintendency of Studies in Turin. Laboratory technician on assignment at the Cernaia Diagnostic Centre. Volunteer for diagnostics (analysis performer for the study of equilibrium constants of dopa systems) -University of Turin. Scholarship for training in the field of diagnostics for cultural heritage (analysis and coordination with the technicians designated in the training course) - REGIONE VALLE D’AOSTA. Professional assignment: Responsible for setting up the scientific analysis laboratory of the Superintendence - REGIONE VALLE D'AOSTA. Lecturer (lecturer at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo on wood conservation issues) Lecturer (lecturer at the school of restoration of Madaba in Jordan on mosaic conservation issues) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Contract Professor (Professor on the Conservation of Archaeological Ceramic Materials) - ICCROM. Rockefeller Museum of Jerusalem - Head of service of the Archaeological and Diagnostic Goods Service - REGIONE VALLE D’AOSTA. Director of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage Protection - REGIONE VALLE D'AOSTA. Director of the Cultural Heritage Directorate - REGIONE VALLE D'AOSTA. Director of the Archaeological and Landscape Heritage Directorate - REGIONE VALLE D'AOSTA. Adjunct Professor - Degree course in sciences and technologies for restoration and training of restorers - University of Turin. Director of the structure Research and co-financed projects - REGIONE VALLE D'AOSTA.