Member of the Italian Committee of ICOMOS (International Council of Museums and Sites) and Delegate for Italy to the International Scientific Committee of ICOMOS for Conservation Education (ICOMOS-CIF) and Member of ICOM (International Council of Museums). Former ICCROM official, (http:/// ). From 1992 to 2003 she managed programmes in the countries of the Mediterranean region under the NAMEC programme (conservation of historic cities in North Africa and the Near and Middle East - 1992-2001). She coordinated the study for the transfer of Axum Stele (1997-2001) and contributed to the drafting of the international architecture competition for the New Egypt Museum of Gizah (1998-2001). From 2004 to 2021, she oversaw ICCROM’s external relations with the host country’s institutions and with member countries. She began her career at the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti. From 1987 until 1991, she was part of the ICCROM program "Science and Conservation"; and coordinated the educational laboratory "Scientific principles of conservation". In 1991, in the Architecture Conservation Programme, she coordinated the training initiatives in developing countries in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate-General for Development Cooperation. She holds lectures and courses in various universities, both Italian and foreign. Architect, since 1997, she has been part of the Professional Order of Architects, Landscape and Conservators (CNAPPC) and is a member of the Cultural Commission of the Order of the City of Chieti.