10 July 2023

From 10 July 2023, 12 young Saudis from different parts of the kingdom and selected by RCU - 6 recent graduates in chemistry and biology and 6 RCU officers - are the protagonists of the pilot project with 7 workshops taking place, until February 2024, between CCR of Venaria and Alula on conservation science, materials and techniques.

At the same time, the CCR, in cooperation with museum experts working on ongoing projects in the Saudi area, will set up a transversal training course to provide participants with reflections and insights on specific topics such as public engagement, education, communication and involvement of local communities in the development of cultural projects and for the orientation of young people on conservation professions.

With this project, the CCR joins the global network of partners with which RCU is consolidating strategic alliances, as part of its plan for the sustainable development and transformation of the region, aimed at establishing ALULA as one of Saudi Arabia's most important archaeological and cultural destinations, attracting knowledge, resources and talent. For the CCR, it is an extraordinary opportunity to reaffirm its mission as an international centre for research, restoration, training and skills development for the new generations, implementing its methodology of international collaboration based on confrontation, sharing of best practices, and mutual learning in favour of the preservation of cultural heritage as a universal value.

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