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Defining and describing the state of conservation of a work of art isn’t just a technical operation, but a fundamental opportunity for exchanging and sharing professional experience and knowledge.

The drafting of the condition report - the document indispensable for cultural heritage professionals, from registrar to restorer, art historian and conservation scientist – is a great opportunity to learn about and properly observe the works, measure their degradation and describe the conditions for ensuring their conservation and enjoyment, also for temporary exhibitions.

Attention to the documentation that accompanies care of the works and their exhibition is the focus of teaching project promoted by the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation Education Department and the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale" Educational Services, aimed at introducing secondary school students to the professions linked with Cultural heritage, and the various contexts they work in.

Opening up the conservation laboratories and scientific laboratories to students, the professional staff of the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale" offer all their experience in the field of conservation. At the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, the students will be guided in the discovery and analysis of art works, exhibitions and exhibition projects, through the accounts and reports of professionals in the sector.

The course includes two meetings: one at the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale", the other at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation. The dates of the meetings will be agreed with the schools.

# restoration, contemporary art, exhibition, preparation, orientation, conservation




16-18 years




4 hrs divided between the Centro and the FSRR

  • Meeting at the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale": 2 hrs
  • Meeting at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation: 2 hrs


min. 18/ max. 27 + 2 accompanying adults


 8 euro per student  (free for 2 teachers per class, disabled people and accompanying adults)


Booking is mandatory




For information

Centro Conservazione e Restauro “La Venaria Reale”: +39 011-4993075/058 - 3404844634

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: +39 011-3797631