We would like to collect case studies on double-sided paintings which present analogies with Procaccini’s banner in order to establish contacts and confront on the themes of the project. The call is addressed to conservators, museum curators and/or art historians who have addressed similar conservation treatments or studies on banners/canvases painted on both sides. It would be very valuable and interesting to be able to confront in particular on artworks with tears or stretching issues.

The most significant cases will be the object of technical debates and exchanges in anticipation of the expert meeting scheduled for September 2020 in which the theme of double-sided paintings will be addressed.

If you are interested in taking part in the creation of this virtual database, we ask you to fill a brief form containing the main information on the artwork and its treatment using this model. Please attach at least two overall pictures of the artwork plus two details and send everything to this address: conservingcanvas@centrorestaurovenaria.it

Our staff will contact you for further information and we can be reached at the same email address specified above for any clarification you might need.

Thanks in advance to everyone who wishes to share with us his/her experience on such a complex theme.