The laboratory’s activities naturally and conspicuously incline towards study and research projects, thanks partly to its use of innovative LASER cleaning technology, working in close synergy with the Centro’s educational activities.

Over the years, collaborations have been established both with the local area and with the earthquake-affected areas of Umbria, in particular concerning works on late-medieval and Renaissance devotional sculptures. 

One of the laboratory’s major specialisations is the study and conservation of ancient Egyptian polychrome wooden artefacts. Through the international Vatican Coffin Research Project, the Centro was given the opportunity to further develop its skills in identifying the techniques and materials used for different types of coffins, and to develop specific guidelines for works of this kind.

Director of the laboratories
Michela Cardinali

Vice - Director of the laboratories
Roberta Genta

Chief manager preservation projects, public tenders and site works
Daniela Russo

Chief manager and Coordinator
Paola Buscaglia

Technical consultant for LASER applications
Francesca Zenucchini

Polychrome wooden coffins
Turin, Museo Egizio
Late Period (740-655 B.C.)

In the scope of the partnership with the Museo Egizio, particular attention was devoted to the study and treatment of the surface decoration of a group of four coffin lids dating to the XXV-XXVI dynasty, coming from two Ramesside tombs (Valley of the Queens, Luxor) and belonging to three generations of the same family.

The study was significant both in technical terms and in terms of understanding the alterations of the materials, having found evidence of exposure to high temperature, and it was also a great opportunity to test the efficacy of combining LASER technology with conventional chemical cleaning methods. Another line of research currently under development aims to reveal further technical and technological aspects on how the coffins were made, and above all on the nature of the red-coloured finishes used.