Higher Education in the field of conservation and restoration, together with research on materials and techniques, represents the main statutory objective of the Centro.

The agreement stipulated between the Centro and the University of Turin has allowed the activation of the Single Cycle Degree Course in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, enabled pursuant to Legislative Decree 42/2004, with the aim of training restorers professionals.

The Higher Education School (SAF) actively participates in the organization of the Degree Course and is responsible for coordinating the practical restoration activities within the laboratories and on external construction sites.

It also offers students of the Degree Course further opportunities for in-depth study by organizing seminars, workshops, training courses, and educational outings in relation to the various specialization sectors. SAF also promotes collaborations with research bodies, institutions and professionals to offer training and updating tools at different levels.

SAF is committed to welcoming students from other national and international educational realities interested in carrying out internships in the Centro's restoration laboratories.

High formation
The Higher Education and Study School, through networks of collaborations, including those with the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Studies and partner institutions / institutions, offers specialized training activities in the sector of cultural goods and activities.
The experiences, designed according to didactic methodologies calibrated with respect to the different profiles, offer opportunities for comparison between the different professionals and are opportunities for updating regarding the proposed themes.

SAF, thanks to regional recognition, can provide higher technical training courses, advanced training and I and II level masters, continuous professional training and updating.



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