Promoting a culture of accessibility to art, not simply physical but also cognitive and experiential, has always been one of the Centro’s primary goals.

With a view to improving visitor experience of our spaces and °opening the conservation and scientific laboratories to people with physical and cognitive disabilities, we are currently working to develop projects to decide the instruments, skills and materials required to meet the needs of these visitors and establish a broader, more sensitive system of hospitality/accessibility.


Social stories

The social story A Visit to the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale” is an accessibility tool that reconstructs all the potentially “critical” situations a visitor could find themselves in during their visit, in the form of a story with text and images.

The document was developed at the workshop on “constructing social stories” with trainers from the Paideia Foundation, during the “Museum operators and disabilities” training project, established through collaboration between the Paideia Foundation and the CRT Foundation.

The document is currently being tested at the Centro, and is now the first ever tool designed to allow people with autism to visit the conservation laboratories.





To participate in the experimentation and receive the social history The Visit to the Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale": 

011 4993075/058