The CAPuS project is co-financed by ERASMUS + - Knowledge Alliances.

The consortium is made up of fifteen full partners and two associate partners from seven countries.

The main aims are to develop guidelines for safeguarding and conserving contemporary works of street and urban art and the introduction of an innovative educational unit in high schools.

Through close collaboration between researchers and teachers, the project aims to introduce operative protocols for specific interventions on these types of artworks. Firstly, the project involves an initial phase of structured dialogue with the artists and the formalisation of the artworks. The second phase will analyse the components of the artworks.

This phase will involve active exchanges between teachers, students and researchers. The initial result of this synergy will be the definition of the types of artwork. By the third phase, synergy with local companies should be fully operative.

At this point, specific methods and conservation products will be developed along with specific guidelines on conservation. Internship opportunities with the companies involved in the project are also envisaged for the students. The results of this research will be published in open source and form the basis for creating an innovative training unit for introduction into higher education institutes. A pilot course will be taught during the project, and an e-learning platform implemented



Italian Partner 

l'Università di Torino (capofila)



Università di Parma

Città di Torino

Mediarthis s.r.l.  

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