As part of the Transfrontier Italian-French Cooperation Programme ALCOTRA 2014-2020, Axis III TERRITORIAL ATTRACTIONS, the Centro is partner to the PITEM Pa.Ce project, to conserve the ALCOTRA district through the valorisation of its cultural realities and their joint development over time.

The Pa.C.E. project consists of three individual projects:

  • Sauvegarder – Safeguarding, with the principal aim of increasing sustainable tourism in the ALCOTRA territory, optimising heritage conservation strategies beginning with a number of specific cases.
  • Decouvrir pour Promovoir - Discover to Promote, which involves making the data gathered from the “Safeguarding” project usable by the increasing numbers of tourists, and to initiate participatory activities across the territory in general.
  • Faire connaitre – Spreading the knowledge;- through the census, collection and subsequent valorisation of the tangible and intangible heritage, the project aims to create theme-based courses associated with various historical epochs, to reveal the specific nature and attractions of the ALCOTRA territories.

The Centro takes active part in the “Sauvegarder” project, and the “Decouvrir pour Promovoir” project, the former just at the outset and the latter now the subject of further cooperation between the partners.





From 15 january 2019 to 14 january 2022

Partner leader

Regione Autonoma della Valle D’Aosta


Regione Liguria

Città metropolitana di Torino

Groupement d'Intérêt Public pour la Formation et l'Insertion professionnelles de l'Académie de Nice (GIP FIPAN)

Ville de Nice

Conseil Départemental de la Haute-Savoie

Conseil Départemental de Savoie

Regione Piemonte

Conseil départemental des Alpes de Haute-Provence

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