The Young Professionals Forum will be held on 1-2 July 2021 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm (Rome time zone).
The event is divided into 4 thematic sessions, each of them  considered crucial in the debate concerning conservation and transmission of Cultural Heritage. The different sessions, organized in cooperation with international institutions, will include brief presentations which will be selected through the call for abstracts.
In addition to the presentation of contributions, the two days of the Forum will focus on moments of exchange, debate and round tables with professionals from the international cultural scene useful to encourage the sharing of experiences among professionals present. The core activity of this edition will be the Young Professionals Forum LabCultural Heritage Professions toward the future. Scenarios, futures, opportunities for conservation professions after the pandemic. Questions and perspectives from the professionals of tomorrow”.


1 JULY 2021

(1:00-5:00 pm Rome time zone)

1:00-1:05 Welcome Addresses

1:05-1:20 Greetings

1:20-1:40 Main Lecture – Webber Ndoro – ICCROM, Director General

fucsiaSession 1 - Conservation ethics and practice

1:40-1:45 Presentations by Michela Cardinali - CCR, Director of Conservation Laboratories and of the Higher Education and Study School

1:45-1:50 Presentations by Sarah Stannage - IIC, Executive Director

1:50-2:30 Presentations by young selected candidates to the call for abstracts for S1:

  • Arthur Henrique Araújo Vieira - Elaboration of Norms and Criteria for Intervention for the Safeguard of Núcleo Pioneiro de Goiânia-GO
  • Chiara Biribicchi - “Con Titolo”: the conservation treatment on a gouache painting on plywood (1986) by Gino De Dominicis. A comparative study on selected adhesives to carry out a fixing intervention on a matt paint film
  • Chiara Fabbri - Marcolino Gandini's “Senza Titolo” restoration treatment: Contemporary art conservation issues and methodological challenges
  • Domiziana Marchioro - Methodological approach to a restoration artefact: the intervention on a stucco frame from the House of the Cryptoporticus in Pompeii
  • Eid Mertah - Characterizing polychrome and gilded bronze statues of osiris
  • Nicola Ricotta - Electrolytic processes as conservation practices: approaching the best surface appearance of tarnished silver objects through controlled cleaning

2:30-2:50 Q&A

verdeSession 2 - Diagnostics and technologies applied to conservation

2:50-2:55 Presentation by Costanza Miliani - CNR ISPC, Director

2:55-3:00 Presentation by Lorenzo Appolonia - IGIIC, President

3:00-3:40 Presentations by young selected candidates to the call for abstracts for S2:

  • Anna Faron - Instrumental techniques aiding overpaints removal - MA-XRF Imaging supported with oct in conservation practice
  • Elisa Mammoliti - A multidisciplinary non-destructive approach for the chemico-physical and mechanical characterization of historical masonry mortars and stone elements: insights from Camerino town (Central Italy)
  • Águeda Sáenz-Martínez - Optical roughness measurements in the evaluation of acid cleaning treatments for the removal of calcareous deposits in ceramic materials
  • María Higueras Muñoz - Digital Elevation Models for the Assessment in the Diagnosis Process of Cultural Heritage
  • Alfredo Ortega-Ordaz - The Antifungal Effect of a Traditional Treatment on New Spain Maize Stem Sculptures
  • Valentina Valbi - Micorr application: a diagnostic tool for corrosion forms on heritage metal artifacts

3:40-4:00 Q&A

Young Professionals Forum Lab

4:00 - 5:00 Parallel working groups 


2 JULY 2021

(1:00-5:00 pm Rome time zone)

1:00-1:15 Welcome Addresses

bluSession 3 - Museum professions

1:15-1:20 Presentation by Sara Abram - CCR, Secretary General

1:20-1:25 Presentation by Alberto Garlandini - ICOM International, President

1:25-1:55 Presentations by young selected candidates to the call for abstracts for S3:

  • Eleonora Casarotti - The Sepik masks at the Quai Branly museum - JC: building up a collection (1914-1999)
  • Suzana Kasovska Georgieva - Contribution to the interdisciplinarity of the museum professionals: case study of CULTHER project
  • Nagmeldeen Hamza - Conservation of Evidence: The significance of Objects biography from Tutankhamun tomb
  • Leticia Gondim - To research, it is necessary to conserve: the importance of conservation in curation and knowledge production, the case study of Rio do Meio, Brazil
  • María Barajas Rocha - The remains of the sacred precinct of Tenochtitlan in Mexico City. A new approach for their exhibition and conservation
  • Veronica Tronconi - Communicating conservation and restoration practice: towards a holistic approach

1:55-2:25 Q&A

gialloSession 4 - History of conservation

2:25-2:30 Presentation by Maria Beatrice Failla - UniTo, Associate Professor

2:30-2:35 Presentations by Stefania De Blasi - CCR, Head of Documentation and Communication

2:35-3:05 Presentations by 6 young selected candidates to the call for abstracts for S4:

  • Camilla Ballor - Some restorations in Turin between the two world wars critical observations
  • Katharina Fuchs - Conservation of Viennese scagliola interiors – past methods and new approaches
  • Sneha Himanshu Kishnadwala - Making Future for the Past: Conversation of History of Conservation, an Indian Perspective
  • Veronika Knedilkowa - Mounting Papers – A Valuable Witness to the History of Renaissance Drawings
  • Angela Pepe - The complex conservative occurrences of the "Andata al Calvario" of the Correale Museum in Sorrento
  • Ariadne Irene Vaiopoulos del Ama - The San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts and its role in the protection and safeguarding of Spanish heritage in the first half of the 19th century

3:05-3:35 Q&A

Young Professionals Forum Lab

3:35-4:40 Presentation of the outcomes of the Young Professionals Forum Lab 

Award Ceremony

4:40-4:45 Announcement of the winner of YPF 2021 and her/his speech

4:45-4:50 Announcement of the winner of Ki Award and her/his speech

4:50-5:00 Closure 


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Young professionals forum


The impact of the current pandemic and its effects on the social, economic and cultural sphere are debated on a global scale: the survival of the cultural heritage and the vital link between conservation and fruition, cultural heritage and communities, are measured today in new contexts.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift that will affect our future and the future of our professions. For these reasons, the second edition of the Young Professionals Forum aims to offer its participants a section dedicated to "Cultural Heritage Professions towards the future", a moment to capture this transition, understanding the difficulties involved in overcoming it and the opportunities for redefining practices and methodologies.


Y20 International Consultations

This year on 3 July, for the first time ever, youth associations from all over the world will have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the Official International Consultations of Y20, the official G20 engagement group chaired by Young Ambassadors Society. 

We will be there to share the outcomes of our Young Professionals Forum Lab “CULTURAL HERITAGE PROFESSIONS TOWARD THE FUTURE” and help bring the ideas of young people to the G20. 

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